CannaShare Program For Doctors

As a medical professional, you recognize the challenges facing our modern healthcare system. 

133  million Americans have inflammatory diseases [NHC]. 50 million of us have chronic pain. And every year over a million of us will be diagnosed with cancer [NIH]. Faced with the fact that conventional care is costly, many Americans are beginning to look for more affordable, natural solutions.


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One Of The Best of These Solutions is Medical Cannabis

The CannaShare Program

The goal of our CannaShare Program is to place medical cannabis within a simple-yet-refined system…

…and then place that system directly in the practices of medical professionals who want it.

The Program has been designed to be completely turnkey. It makes integrating cannabis into your office nearly effortless, highly efficable — and highly profitable. 

The CannaShare Program also includes options for white-labeled CBD products, so patients without medical cannabis cards can also find relief. We can even help you develop custom CBD & cannabinoid blends according to your patient’s specific needs. 

One more thing: every participant in the CannaShare Program enjoys ongoing support. Both you and your patients can contact us with comments, questions, and suggestions 24/7. We also provide extensive training to you and your medical team to ensure you know how to serve your patients best. It’s intended to be an ongoing relationship, not just the source of another supplement product to sell in your office store. 

To learn more about our CannaShare Program, please fill out the form below. We’ll send you a whitepaper-style itemization of all the Program’s details — and a personalized description of how we think it can most benefit you. 

CannaShare Program


CannaCard Wellness presents… 

The CannaShare Program

3 Program Options | 4 Product Options | Unlimited Support | MD Backing

Option 1: Educate and Engage

  • Free educational talks and video courses with our medical director
  • Free Dosing & titration consultations with your patients
  • Pop-up demo of our Integrated CannaWellness option

If you’d like to gauge how interested your patients are in medical cannabis before committing to the program— or even just see our CannaCard system in action — we understand. 

We’ll    Next Step: Order here to demo our CannaCard Program for a day. 

Option 2: Integrated CannaCards

  • Streamlined 3-phase system providing cannabis cards for your patients
  • PA assistance & comprehensive logistical support for you
  • Ongoing education support for your patients
  • E-records and appointment setting

Next Step: Order here to join our CannaCard Program and get connected with Florida’s most effective medical card-provider team. 

Option 3: Integrated CannaWellness

For those who want to provide a truly inclusive in-house experience for their patients. Our CannaWellness Program includes all of the above features, and:

  • Wholesale CBD product packages
  • In-house dosing consultations
  • Wellness Program w/ HRT
  • Educational materials

Next Step: Order here…or read more about our CBD products on the next page first. 

CannaWellness CBD products:

Have you been waiting for the right time to get into the CBD market? It’s already crowded — but there’s still one method that makes it easy to stand out: 

By providing MD-backed products


That’s why all of our CannaWellness CBD products come fully backed by MD _______. You’ll find his signature on each and every bottle of our CBD, his testimonial on the educational materials we provide, and his video testimony on our website. 

Our CBD is also labeled accurately.

Unlike most other CBD brands, we list per-serving — not per bottle — CBD content on our label. That’s the way the rest of the nutraceutical industry does it, and the FDA will likely require CBD to follow suit in the future. 

Plus, it’s simpler for your patients….no more math required to calculate their dosing! Each bottle of our CBD also features QR codes so customers can easily access its lab tests. 

Finally, our CBD products are made from rosin-pressed hemp

No more solvent-laden CBD products (unfortunately, studies have shown this is a widespread issue). We don’t extract with ethanol, butane, or C02; instead we use an unusual pressing technique to process the CBD and other active ingredients out of our hemp. From there this hemp extract is lab tested, blended and bottled, then lab tested again. The result is a full spectrum, flavorful, chemical-free CBD oil. 

CBD oil options include:

10 mg per serving / 300mg per bottle $40 retail $20 wholesale

30 mg per serving / 900mg per bottle $90 retail $45 wholesale

CannaCard Wellness is also exciting to announce a new type of CBD oil product: the CBDa oil. CBDa is the carboxylated or ‘raw’ form of CBD. Research shows that CBDa confers its an entirely different set of health benefits than CBD does, yet the newness of the cannabis industry means CBDa-rich products aren’t readily available. Until now. 

CBDa oil options include: 

10 mg per serving / 300mg per bottle $50 retail $25 wholesale

30 mg per serving / 900mg per bottle $100 retail $50 wholesale

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